Welcome, friends!

Welcome to Centerfield Coffee Shop, where our goal is to connect our community through coffee.

Centerfield Coffee Shop is a business associated with Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, which means we serve our coffee with a purpose. That purpose is to make each one of our customers feel known, loved, and cherished. Although that may seem like a lot of pressure to put on one cup of coffee, we believe that Centerfield Coffee Shop is a tool that can be used to tell others about Jesus Christ through a practical and new way. In turn, we use our proceeds and tips to give back to a new ministry that has similar goals as ours every month! This website will be used to update our community on what new ministry we will partner with each month and to show how their purchase of a cup of coffee is changing the world.

If you walk through our doors, you are now considered a part of our community, and we love to serve you! Seeing our baristas connect with community, and in turn seeing others in our community connecting with each other, is our heart and our goal. So, come on in, grab a latte, and make yourself at home!

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